View Royal Community


Like Baha'i communities all around the globe, the View Royal Baha'i community offers an environment open to all people to practice a life of prayer and meditation combined with action and service to our communities.

As Baha'is we strive to make our daily actions as beautiful prayers in an attempt to bring more light into the world.

The education and training of children is among the most meritorious acts of humankind and draweth down the grace and favor of the All-Merciful, for education is the indispensable foundation of all human excellence and alloweth man to work his way to the heights of abiding glory.

Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’lBahá

If you live in or are simply visiting View Royal (a town in Greater Victoria) and wish to connect with the Baha'is here please feel free to reach out! Email or phone 250.589.1893.


There are regular weekly and monthly gatherings in local homes where we pray, meditate, study and socialize for the ultimate purpose of building more soulful communities.

Feel free to contact us about times and locations for various events. The calendar below includes some of those events.

The straight path is the one which guideth man to the dayspring of perception and to the dawning-place of true understanding and leadeth him to that which will redound to glory, honor and greatness.

Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh